Can you believe it Spring/Summer has started trickling into Olive Home, we are extremely excited as this season is quite amazing. We have been lucky enough to chat to our designers and find out what the design inspiration was for the 2013/2014 season.

This week we will be featuring Sara Phillips a favourite in the Olive Home family. Sara launched her label in 2007 after working for Jayson Brunsdon and Saba.

The label has beautiful soft silks and whimsical patterns that the hand and eye are drawn to. The collections are strong and feminine created by a strong eye for detail and amazing tailoring.

Where did your inspiration come from for the SS13/14 collection? We looked at roses and their relationship women. We love their fragile yet sturdy nature and that they are the quintessential female flower.

Was it always a dream to become a fashion designer? Or was it something that you fell into? Design has always been in my life, My mother was a textile designer so I was sure I wanted to do design but I was never sure in what aspect.

You work in such a fast paced creative industry, how do you motivate your self on a day to day basis? Because we are always working 1 year or more ahead you are always thinking of whats next and looking towards the next collection. That constant forward thinking keeps us motivated.

Favourite thing to cook? I love cooking anything spicy, the more chilli the better.

Any chance we could have the recipe? Or is it top secret? My favourite cook book at the moment is My Abuela’s Table: An Illustrated Journey into Mexican Cooking By Daniella Germain. 

Next time we are in Sydney we need to eat at, drink at and visit? Try Movida in Surry Hills or Spice Temple in the City.

The best holiday destination in Australia? I have to say Melbourne, I love visiting my best friend there. 

Who inspires you? And why? The people in my studio inspire me, from my amazing interns to my studio and design manager. I think it important to work with inspiring people.

What is your favourite city in the world? I love Hoi An in Vietnam, It’s a lovely little village and the food is amazing.

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