A new direction for Olive Home

As summer approaches faster than you can book an appointment for a spray tan, your wardrobe can often seem a little tired. Weighed down with winter bits and pieces, and if you’re anything like me – woolen dresses have been thrown about hazardously to make room for tanks, while my boots are lined up against the wall waiting to be boxed up again!

So what to do when summer has, in that quintessential Queensland way, slapped us in the face with no warning whatsoever?

EASY! Come and see us in Olive Home!

Elk’s Summer Range is like no other!

Since opening Olive Woman and relocating the majority of our fashion labels into the new store, we’ve been busy directing Olive Home’s fashion focus into a light-hearted, everyday, come-away-and-walk-along-the-beach-at-sunset-with-me way. This breezy, colourful, more bohemian way of thinking and dressing is perfect for Queensland and perfect for us. Think relaxed silks and cottons, floral embroidery and flowing hemlines that not only are beautiful, but are easy on the old purse-strings to (which is always a help!)


Naudic captures the beauty of coastal living.

With this new focus in mind, we’ve taken on some beautiful labels that we’d love to share with you. Alongside Elk, an old Olive Home favourite, you’ll now find gorgeous collections from Naudic, Joanie Loves Chachi, and due for imminent arrival, White Label Noba.


Joanie Loves Chachi – Boho Style at it’s best!

These labels harness the romanticism of warmer weather, those long days that begin tucked under a beach umbrella and end with mojitos overlooking the ocean.  We are very pleased with the collections, it is a point of difference for us and we’re excited to be bringing these labels into Paddington!

White Label Noba Ariel Poncho

White Label Noba Mya Dress