F!NK Designs the Four Seasons

New in at Ollie & Lloyd – the Four Seasons Vases by F!NK Design.

In a world where so much is mass-produced, it is refreshing to find Australian companies such as F!NK are keeping their approach to design in-house and in their own hands. We as a company share this passion with F!NK, along with other Australian designers such as Dinosaur Designs and Polli.

We’ve been carrying the iconic F!NK Water Jugs for over a year now and are excited by these stunning new additions to our collection.

The vases, each in three sizes, come in four colours that harness the beauty of the seasons:

Charcoal for Winter; Copper for Autumn; Gold for Summer and Green for Spring.

The Four Seasons by F!INK Design

Perfect as a Vase, of course, but they also make a striking sculptural piece in the home.

Only available at Ollie & Lloyd. Come in and see these truly gorgeous Vases for yourself!