Design Spotlight on PO:

Welcoming back to Ollie & Lloyd we have PO: – an innovative form of design that fits beautifully into ours (and your) world!

Line-Up Vase - $79

This visionary design house works solidly with vibrant colours that epitomise the classic European feel that we love to showcase in store.

With a market that spans worldwide the team of designer at PO: definitely utilise a very particular vision – one that works tirelessly to make the ordinary, into extraordinary.

We’ve focussed primarily this season on the Mondri Series that PO: are famous for – designs inspired by the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian (1872 – 1944).

Composition with Yellow, Blue and Red by Piet Mondrian (1937 - 1942).

Frank Kerdil is the brains behind the Mondrian inspired series and a vital component of the PO: Design house. From the Mondri Vase that is able to be used three different ways, to the Ring Mug which boasts a two-walled structure to retain heat, and a silicone ring around the mug to assist in holding it tightly.


Mondri Vase - $99


Ring Mug (Mondri) - $19

Other pieces we’ve introduced belong to the Bird Series by Carol Jacobs: The Birdrizzlers – a pair of porcelain love birds for oil and vinegar that will easily romanticise any dining table setting.

Birdrizzlers - $39


Also the Bird Salt & Pepper Shakers have proven to be extremely popular alongside the Birdrizzlers – the bird looking skyward carries the salt, whereas the bird pecking the ground is for pepper. Too cute!

Bird Salt & Pepper Shakers - $19

PO: Design – now in store at Ollie & Lloyd.