and so it is winter…

…times like these I wish I had a fireplace and a bearskin rug!

Oh well…we have plenty of lovely things to keep  warm as the temperature continues to drop!

We love love love Elk here at Olive and Ollie … and hope you do to! 

It’s always exciting when the new Elk season begins, as this lovely Australian company never fails to deliver on luxurious knits and scarves and beautiful leather bags and wallets.

All of which accompany the large range of wood and resin jewellery that they are so well known for.

It’s a constant staple in the shops and in the wardrobes of all our employees!

So here’s a few of our favourite pieces to keep you warm and looking cosy this winter…


Chunky Poncho & Marine Stripe Scarf (scarf available in Blue)


Lakare Frame Bag & Lighthouse Tote (centre)


Pebble & Disc Necklace, Resin Pebble Pendant, Layer Necklace.


*Photos courtesy of Elk Accessories