delve into the world of samantha wills…

Reading the escapades of Samantha Wills online is a constant source of intrigue and adventure. Each day I log into Facebook to see a new post from this glamorous entrepreneur pop up in my news feed, and it is always something positive and motivational!
A self-confessed global traveller, Samantha Wills turns her experiences into exquisite jewellery. She has taken a humble jewellery stall at Bondi Markets and turned it into a world-wide phenomenon, with a lifestyle to be admired and a passport to be envied!
Tribeca Grand Earrings*

  From the beaches of Eastern Sydney to the skyscrapers of Manhattan…

From left: Ava Gardner Earrings, Cafe Del Mar Bracelet Set, Frida Earrings*

From the cobbled streets of Paris to the sprawling hills of Los Angeles, there are always new dreams to be discovered.

Santa Monica Bracelet Set, Cypress Cove Bracelet Set, and Venice Beach Bracelet Set. In stores soon!*

Her view on life never fails to inspire a generation of women to believe in the fact that the world is only as daunting as we ourselves make it out to be – in reality it’s a playground of inspiration!

The infamous Bohemian Bardot Ring! Shown with Bohemian Bardot Earrings (left) & The Odyssey Earrings (right)*

 Here at Olive Home and Ollie & Lloyd we are new into the Samantha Wills tribe – we’ve only been carrying the label for just over a year. But with a growing customer base both online and in store it’s a label we love to sell!

Beautiful Jewels at Olive Home

Click here to see the wide selection of Samantha Wills that we have available!

With new pieces of the extraordinary “A Decadent Solstice” range arriving throughout May and June, you can be sure that we are preparing ourselves for Winter, with just that extra little bit of glamour, to keep the heart warm.

*images courtesy of Samantha Wills

Massproductions by Chris Martin and Magnus Elebäck

This week’s Design Feature is written by Emma from Ollie & Lloyd.

“Our knowledge and passion is in mass production, hence the name. Our goal is to use industrial processes to create furniture which people can get excited about, something that gives them pride of ownership. You can do that with a hand-crafted piece, but for us the satisfaction comes from achieving it with an industrially produced article”   - Chris Martin.

New to Ollie & Lloyd are the elegant Tio tables and chairs, as designed and manufactured by Stockholm-based team: Chris Martin and Magnus Eleback. Their designs represent a modernist attitude towards manufacturing while also creating products which are tactile, high in quality, and represent a new thought in design. A thought in which beauty can be found not just in exclusivity, but mass production.

Comfortable, stackable and versatile; the Tio tables and chairs lend themselves to a number of different interior styles, and are available in a black or white galvanised wire. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and are available in Cafe and Easy style.

Easy Table and Chair (shown on right)

Here in store we have matched the Easy Tio tables and chairs with the brilliant colours of Missoni’s Margherita expresso set, sugar bowl and creamer,  along with the superbly designed “La Cupola” percolator by Alessi (shown below). The Easy table and chairs are a low setting – perfect for a morning newspaper and coffee on the verandah!

 The Tio tables and chairs have been featured in a number of design publications, including the current issue of Inside Out Magazine. The pieces are sold individually or in a three piece setting.

Mass Productions are showing at a number of upcoming International Design Fairs, including an installation at Rendez Vous Tradeshow in Paris from the 24th – 26th of June, as well as an exhibition at Saturday in Design in Sydney, which takes place from the 17th – 20th of August.

fly fly away with Dinosaur Designs…

The new Insects collection by Dinosaur Designs has just arrived at Ollie & Lloyd!

As with all DInosaur collections, we just can’t wait to get our hands on it – each piece is so tactile and beautiful that it’s not uncommon to see all the staf f trying on Dinosaur straight out of the boxes!

The new Insects range is classic Dinosaur – vibrant colours, smooth contours and exquisite patterns.

Featuring Scarab beetles, dragonfly wings and butterflies in a range including necklaces, rings, home wares, and the famous Dinosaur Designs bangles.  

Insects sits alongside our already extensive collection of Dinosaur which includes pieces from Fresh, Bones, Coral Sea, Sun and Moon collections, as well and Fungi and Bird.

The Insects have landed on Ollie & Lloyd.. be sure to come and visit before they fly away!

images courtesy of Dinosaur Designs

m is for mother’s day…

Here is a selection of our favourite Mother’s Day gift ideas!

 At Olive Home and Ollie & Lloyd  we have a range of gift ideas to suit every type of Mum!

For the Miranda Kerr Mums;-

Angelina Jolie Mums;

Victoria Beckham Mums;-

Nigella Lawson Mums;-

Joanna Griggs Mums;-

And Elle MacPherson Mums!

For a full range of Gfit ideas please visit our websites or come and see us in store!

ollie & lloyd in q weekend

We were very fortunate to have our products showcased in Q Weekend on Saturday the 30th of April!

Featuring a range of products for Mother’s Day, including Dinosaur Designs, Venucci and Alessi for the home; -

Vibrant Melissa wedges and sexy Watson X Watson booties to give your Mum a touch of style!

And Missoni furnishings to add a touch of colour to the home.

Head into the store to see what else we have to brighten up your Mother’s Day!

*images courtesy of Q Weekend