creature comforts

This week’s Design blog comes to you from Emma, our Ollie & Lloyd store manager. Enjoy!

Bring joy and enchantment into your home with this delightful collection of woodland creatures, soft and colourful textiles, organic accessories and magical tableware.

The Down to the Woods collection of whimsical lamps is designed to evoke the imaginations of children while “recapturing the memories of adults”. 

These night lights have a retrospective appeal without coming across as too kitsch, and have featured heavily in a myriad of current Interior Design publications. We have more styles in store, but the cute little bunny rabbit is our favourite!

Toadstool and Bunny Lamps from Down To The Woods

“Luxurious yet practical,” Luna Gallery’s Couch Cardy collection is a range of knitted throws that come in an deluxe choice of colours, textures and patterns. The Tree Blanket, shown here in Chestnut and Feather, is perfect for dressing up a bed, or for cosy nights on the couch! Luna Gallery is an Australian designed and made company with a collection that is suitable for all interiors.

The Couch Cardy Tree Blanket

Venucci brings us a range of “flat-pack” pear trees and moose busts. Ideal for hanging jewellery and seasonal decorations, the pear trees are a perfect centrepiece for your dining table or sideboard and are suitable for creating both eclectic and minimal themes.  The moose heads are great for creating a winter lodge aspect to a room. Alternatively, try painting them in a solid ‘pop’ colour with enamel paint for some pop-art drama!

At Ollie & Lloyd we have the Iittala tableware range by Finnish designer Klaus Haapaniemi, bringing to life his imaginative Taika (magic) illustrations.  Wise Owls, slender foxes and fantasy forests – the Taika range is designed to add a touch of magic to everyday life.  Each piece can be bought separately, and are considered by some to be collectable items.

And in all of our stores we have the adorable Florabelle Moss Rabbits, the set of 3 ceramic rabbits by Venucci, and mushroom sets by Orson & Blake. Shown with the brightly coloured Bubble Rug (Down To The Woods) and Missoni Jerash cushions, this delightful collection of shapes and patterns will warm the heart on a cool winters eve and let imaginations run wild!

dinosaur designs

Over the years we have seen colourful and innovative designs flow in and out of Ollie & Lloyd, with overseas giants such as Alessi and Missoni being what the store is primarily known for. Yet alongside these Italian masters sits an Australian company which, from humble beginnings, has grown into one that works with the highest standards and receives the highest regards. I am of course talking about Dinosaur Designs, and as any one of our Ollie & Lloyd staff can assure you, when a new Dinosaur Designs range is due to be delivered, the anticipation is palpable!

Coral Sea Collection*

The concept of Dinosaur Designs first began when Louise Olsen, Stephen Ormandy and Lianne Rossler met whilst studying at art school in 1983. In 1985 they started building a clientele at Sydney’s Paddington Markets selling hand printed fabrics and jewellery, and within a year were experimenting with resin. By 1996 they had expanded their range into home wares and the rest, as they say, is history. And with each item still being handmade, no two pieces are ever the same. This dedication to the craft is just one of the reasons why we chose to incorporate Dinosaur Designs into our store.   

Bird Collection*

Ollie & Lloyd began their affiliation with Dinosaur Designs two years ago and has since become one of the largest stockists in Queensland. We have found that nothing quite equates to the unique vibrancy that is present in each piece.

Moon Collection*

 Drawing inspiration from nature is a key component in the design process of the company. We currently have items available in store from the Fungi, Sun, Moon, Bird and Coral Sea collections, along with an extensive range of 2010’s hugely successful Bones collection.

Bones Collection*

Bones Collection*

In May we will see the release of their new collection, ‘Insects’, featuring brilliant colours and designs reminiscent of dragonfly wings and scarab beetles. We will announce when it has arrived so stay tuned!

*Photographs courtesy of Dinosaur Designs

introducing Magali Pascal…

Magali Pascal is a French designer, whose exquisite winter range has just arrived at Olive Home Paddington.

Born in a small town on the outskirts of Paris, Magali Pascal is one of the lucky few who studied at the prestigious school of arts, Atelier de Sevres, in Paris. Her passion for design and textiles excelled her education and she went on to train with a stellar cast of European artists and designers.

Magali Pascal Tarifa Top*

She launched her first range in 2002, and has since gone on to split her time between France and Bali each year. She designs her collections and sources fabric from France, with production taking place mostly in Bali. This is a combination that we believe is recognisable in the ethereal nature of her pieces.

It is understandable why Magali Pascal is said to have a surreal style. The intrigue and beauty of the snake print collection for this season make for an undeniable addition to any wardrobe, and you could almost imagine yourself strolling down Boulevard Saint-Germain wearing these stunning designs.

Magali Pascal Snake Party Dress*

With these classic lines however, an element of Balinese dream-state is implied with the subtle play of silks and vintage stylings of lace and sequins.  

Magali Pascal Ekai Jacket*

Her vision is magnificent and we are pleased to bring you Magali Pascal’s Winter 2011 Collection.

*Photographs courtesy of Matt Neville.